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 107-109 Rue Moussé DIOP x Amadou Assane NDOYE

Dakar Senegal 11443.
Phone Number: +221-781-396-530. Fax Number  +221-313-524-421
Your Ref: Legal Proceeds Diplomatic Delivery
JVK World  Movers Diplomatic Delivery Company.

Attention:Mr:Alexey Kirdyashov.

This is to inform you that your package(consignment) has already left Yemen on the Jun 17th, 2020 time 7:55:PM, with security code  PAG-R84-10295 /  /This box was shift to Africa Dakar Senegal our head office through JVK agent, because of conflict in Yemen, which things like this don't stay long time after register in those war country, JVK Company move every single package that day receive from our customers to Asia or Europe or Africa, in other for those consignment to be safe, your consignment will move from here to your country Russia,
Note that this box have to be insure before any delivery / before JVK will agree to move out from here and deliver this box to you as your partner describe as family treasure, for the security reason in other not to have issue with custom or lose the box, we JVK Magellan International Movers Ltd will insure this box for safe delivery, should in case of losing it, we company pay for whatever is inside it, that is why we don't  bargain on issue like this, Before we make any move our company need you to fill this information,

1. Full name
2. Address
3. The Copy of your Passport or Identity Card
4. Nationality.
5. Occupation/Profession
6. Date of Birth
7. Phone Number
8. Your picture to identify you.

This box have to be insure which you have to paid for insurance company for the box, it will cost you $ 1,250.00 USD,  we don't have the right to open the box, since the box have bean register and delivered here, you have to follow our instruction, in other  insure this box today tomorrow, in four day we are in your country for the deliver and the name of the diplomat who will deliver the box to you have to be giving to you after the insurance and the payment have made,

We will give you  the payment procedures when you want to make payment. which we will advice you, try to let us know when you will make the payment in other to give you details to send the money for the insurance, $ 1,250.00 USD,
you have 6 days to make the payment,

This payment stand for Insurance fees, your partner Sgt Miss:Arnett Victor Logan, Yemen US Army officer, have paid for the registration concern this box in Yemen, and delivery flight bill, we work with  Insurance company which we cant afford or deliver any package from here without insurance because of risky the box, this is JVK policy which you have to work with us, for  your own good and to safe the box because that is legal documents that will guide the box which will be obtain from federal high court of Senegal Dakar to show that we have declare the

Yours Sincerely,
Mr: Johnson Adam Mendy.

JVK World  Movers Diplomatic Delivery Company.
Director in Charge:
Operation Manager Mr. Johnson Adam Mendy.
JVK Courier Company.
Phone Number +221-781-396-530.
Office / Address: 107-109 Rue Moussé DIOP x Amadou Assane NDOYE JVK group freight service is registered on Tower  Our Ref:JLC/Vol.19 Case No.015181/08 Authorized and regulated by the JVK Services Authority. This email is confidential and for use by the addressee only. If the message is received by someone other than the intended addressee, please return the message to the sender by responding to it and then delete the message from your computer. The Internet and email are not necessarily safe. The  service company.

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